The Slow Drip

The Slow Drip

The Slow Drip is a silkscreen print that I created as a faux gig poster for the artist Tame Impala during my last semester of college.

The line work in this design was inspired by his Currents album artwork but I wanted to add a feminine touch. Tame Impala has been very influential to me over the years. His music has helped me through some tough times - always making me feel less alone, inspired and happier. 

This project taught me a lot for future silkscreen prints. I printed the colors with white underneath the dark blue lines but I realized I could print larger flat colors underneath so there would be no gaps and everything lines up smoothly.

Fun Fact: After finishing this print, I went to the Tame Impala concert in Houston, TX! I decided to make some shirts to wear to the show with this design. It was so fun to be able to wear my own merch to the concert. I had an amazing time and got lots of compliments too!! ♡

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